Align Your Teeth Behind the Scenes

With the help of the customized Smartwire technology from the Freelove Orthodontics office, Dr. Freelove applies InBrace behind your teeth to align your smile — minus the flashy brackets and wires that braces are known for.

Out of Sight Appliance, Out of Mind Results

When Dr. Freelove designs your personalized InBrace treatment plan, your InBrace Smartwire is custom-made to fit your individual needs, so you can sit back and watch the results.

InBrace is designed with your comfort in mind, making orthodontic treatment a breeze.


Hidden From View

We apply the InBrace Smartwire behind your teeth, so no one besides you and Dr. Freelove will ever know it’s there.


Fewer Appointments

InBrace’s Smartwire technology automatically adjusts to straighten your smile, meaning fewer appointments with Dr. Freelove and more time enjoying what makes you happy.

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Simple Upkeep

Without visible brackets, wires, or trays, maintaining your Freelove Orthodontics treatment plan has never been easier or more hygienic.


Automatic Alignment

Freelove Orthodontics’ custom-fit Smartwire technology automatically adjusts to your smile, virtually putting your treatment plan on autopilot.

How InBrace Works

In three simple steps, Freelove Orthodontics’ InBrace Smartwire uses a constant yet comfortable force that naturally adjusts as your teeth align.


1. Scan

By scanning your teeth, Dr. Freelove will create 3D images of your mouth to determine your treatment needs.


2. Design

Based on this 3D model, Dr. Freelove will customize your InBrace Smartwire and treatment plan to fit your individual needs. Your Smartwire will begin to align your teeth naturally, essentially putting your treatment on autopilot.


3. Smile Away!

Your InBrace Smartwire is hidden behind your teeth, so the minute you leave Dr. Freelove’s offices, you’ll be able to smile with confidence. No one will be able to tell the difference — that is until they begin to see the results.


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Ask Freelove Orthodontics if InBrace Is Right For You

InBrace gets the job done the same way traditional braces do, without the showy brackets. By applying a constant, gentle, and self-adjustable force, InBrace aligns your teeth almost as if on autopilot.

See if Freelove Orthodontics’ InBrace treatment method is right for you at your free consultation with Dr. Freelove in Kent.