Hear from Real Freelove Orthodontics Patients

Our patients can’t stop talking about their experience with Dr. Freelove and our Freelove Orthodontics & Smile Design team.

We strive to provide the best possible orthodontic care and create lifelong relationships with our patients in Kent, Sammamish, and the surrounding communities.

I Fly Out to Seattle

Dr. Freelove was my orthodontist in Los Angeles, I don’t trust anyone else but him, so now I fly out to Seattle. He provides very competitive pricing compared to others.”

- Alex C.

Adult Braces Journey Was Made So Easy

“The office is very neat and clean, the team is friendly and welcoming, and appointments are always on time. They go out of their way to provide exceptional customer service!

Even if it includes staying later and taking off my braces early. 😉 This adult braces journey was made so easy and smooth by them! I couldn’t be more thankful!”

- Thi N.

Great With Kids

"I highly recommend Dr. Freelove! They were accommodating to our needs and talked us through all of our options. Talked about payment plans. Dr. Freelove is great with the kids, almost like an older brother, but talked to parents and staff with respect.

The office is clean and welcoming. My son had the 3D-printed LightForce and was stocked with the different colored bands he could change to every visit, he said that they are almost a fashion statement!”

- Kate M.

Actually Enjoyed Her Appointments

"I 100% recommend Dr. Freelove and his amazing team! They are all kind and helpful and always work with my crazy schedule.

My daughter, who is 13, actually enjoyed her appointments, because the staff was very personable. My daughter was out of braces months ahead of schedule and loves her new smile!"

- Joy F.

Amazing Team & Care

“I definitely recommend Freelove Orthodontics & Smile Design. The team is amazing, always friendly, they make sure you are comfortable at all times, and of course, the care is amazing.”

- Adriana T.

Friendly & Knowledgeable

“The whole Freelove Orthodontics team is very friendly, caring, and helpful. Every person who worked on my teeth was personable and very knowledgeable. Dr. Freelove is very nice and thorough in his care.”

- Hannah A.

An Amazing Experience

"Dr. Freelove and his team are awesome! I have nothing but good things to say about my experience from beginning to end. Thank you, Dr. Freelove and team, for bringing my smile back to life!"

- Davin A.

You Come First

"SERIOUSLY the BEST orthodontist ever. Got my braces put on yesterday and it was the most comfortable / amazing experience. Dr. Freelove and his wonderful team made sure they took care of me.

From my first visit to the moment I sat in the treatment chair, I felt valued and important. I would recommend this place to everyone !"

- Destiny B.

One of the Best Decisions I Made

"I will say that getting my braces done with Dr Free love was one of the best decisions I made. I really recommend everyone go get braces here. I just got my brace off three days ago, and my experience with them has been really positive."

- Satya N